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New Features In FIFA 18

Posted by Natasha Elizabeth on

FIFA 18 is approaching quick. There are lots of new features for FIFA 18 that we noticed in the closed beta and if you didn't get the beta you wanted or didn't manage to qualify for it, we'll let you know the secrets.

Stadium Crowds

The faces in the crowd are noticeably more human looking in FIFA 18. This new feature is great because EA always strive for a realistic as possible experience for their players.

They no longer look like an animated blob moving in time with each other and looking slightly robotic.


FIFA 17 had weather as one of it's features. Things like rain and snow. But these were very constricted.

Now, this new feature in FIFA 18 is set to have dynamic weather which basically means the weather will affect game play and the outcome of the game.

Journey 2

When we played The Journey in FIFA 17 we felt it was left unfinished. Luckily it's back with Journey 2.

Alex Hunter is making a return for FIFA 18 as a sequel and hopefully it's even better than the first.


If you haven't seen Ronaldo on the front of the new FIFA 18 cover then where have you been?

Ronaldo is all over the advertising in FIFA 18. His appearance is one of the biggest new features in FIFA 18.

From what we can tell, he's going to play a huge role in the new game.


We're all familiar with FUT Legends. However, they will no longer be referred to as Legends.

This years game will have Icons.

The new feature in FIFA 18 will have it's own edition of the game. But what's the difference?

You will receive a 5-match Ronaldo Nazário loan item and 3 days of early access when you per-order the game as well as more listed below:

Squad Hub

Squad hub won't change the way you play career mode too much  but if you look closer all the details for your players is in one place.

In FIFA 17 you had to filter through menu after menu to find out what you needed to know about your players.

EA has made career mode more accessible so you spend less time on menus.

This new feature in FIFA 18 means you wont have to enter separate menus to find out how much your player is worth, their remaining contracts or transfers.



One of the most over looked new feature in FIFA 18 is the release on Nintendo Switch. EA have reported that they will be building the switch game from the ground up.
Basically, it will be totally unique to all the other versions of the game.

Will you be buying on Nintendo Switch? We aren't so sure yet.

Still building your ultimate team?

FIFA 17 is still going on, this weeks TOTW was incredible.

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