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Free FIFA Coins - How to get FIFA coins for FREE!

Posted by Natasha Elizabeth on

If you're looking for an easy, effortless way of getting free FIFA coins then you've come to the right place. We have spent many hours trying to search for the best way to get coins for free.

After lots of research we finally realized that you just won't find one. The truth is if there was a way to get coins for free then everyone would be doing it.
However, just because there is no way of getting free FIFA coins without doing anything, it doesn't mean there aren't ways to get more coins a lot faster and easier than the average player and without spending any money. You just have to know how to do it and that's exactly why we've written this article for you. 

Do not fall for people or websites promising free fifa coins for nothing. There is no such thing as a FIFA coin hack and most sites or people promising this will most likely actually do the opposite and steal your coins!


The best way to go about getting your hands on free FIFA coins is through effective, smart trading on the marketplace.
If you aren't sure about the marketplace then it's basically a place where you can buy and sell different players instead of opening lots and lots of packs for players that you probably don't even want.

You can find the market place on your console or on the web app.

If you use the console you'd probably have seen the transfer market.
If you decide to use the web app link above then after you log in you should be able to navigate to a page that looks like the image below.

Accessing the transfer market

Lots of people don't understand the marketplace which means often players get listed up for the wrong price and go for a lot cheaper than they could.
The best way to find information about the market prices of players is by visiting FUTBIN.

Why Would I Need This?

When you visit FUTBIN it will tell you useful information like how much a player is able to be listed for, showing it's lowest price and it's highest price. This is known as the range of the player.
It will also show you the lowest buy it now price of a player. Generally, this is what you can consider the price that the player will actually sell for. We'll explain why this is essential to know if you are going to be trading in the next section where we'll give you our most effective methods of trading.

Investing in Players

With the new addition of squad builder challenges this year, players prices are fluctuating more than ever before. When a new squad builder challenge is released there are a limited amount of players that can be used to complete the majority of the challenges. A great example of this would be the marquee matchup squad builder challenges. They usually need a number of players from a specific club and a squad rating over a specific quality. Sometimes due to the limited amount of cards available to complete the challenge, cards that would normally sell for 400-500 coins can be selling instantly for their max range of 10,000 coins! There are two ways to invest in these players to make free coins as we have outlined below.

Predicting the players

If you can predict the players that might be needed for these challenges before the challenge is released, you can make an insane amount of coins. For example, with the marquee matchups you can view the fixtures from around the world and see what the games could be. If you spent just 15,000 coins on a player worth 500 coins and you were able to sell them for 10,000 coins, you are potentially making a profit of 270,000 coins after the 5% EA tax! This method can have a huge reward, but you can also risk losing coins if the player you invested in is not needed in the squad builder challenge.

Buying Immediately

A much safer method of doing this is finding a in demand player as soon as the challenge is released. If you can buy the player before the price hits it's peak, you can make good profit doing this also.


Another effective method of making coins is by what is known in the fut community as "sniping". This involves finding what a player sells for and repetitively searching for that player at a lower price. As we mentioned earlier, using FUTBIN to find the price of a player is perfect for this.

You will want to first choose a player. This can be any player, however we recommend a player that is currently available to be found in packs, as there is more chance of someone listing that player for a cheaper price if they just got it in a pack. For example, we will be using the new Liverpool FC version of Salah. Here's what we would do.

    1. Use FUTBIN!

      Head over to FUTBIN and search for Salah to find his current price. We can see that he's currently selling for 12,000 coins on the PS4 market.

      Searching for Salah price to make free fifa coins

    2. Filter the player you are searching for

      On the transfer market, search for Salah. Normally you can just search the player name to filter that particular player, but in this example it will show us his Roma card too, so we are going to have to filter it a bit differently to allow us to see just the card we are interested in. As we know Salah is selling for 12,000 coins, we will want to set our 'Buy Now Max.' at around 10,000 coins.

      Filtering the player to be able to make free fifa coins

    3. Just hit search!

      This is the easy part. Most of the times you hit search, nothing will be found. This is normal. What we are doing here is waiting for someone to list one up for cheap. As soon as one comes up, buy it as fast as possible as it will be bought by someone else very quickly. As you can see, after about 1 minute of searching, one was available on the market for us to buy! You can then buy the card and list them at the selling price, which in our example was 12,000 coins.

      Finding a player to buy to make free fifa coins

    By doing this lots of times you will end up with a lot of profit and essentially free FIFA coins!

    If you want more information on the best way to trade on FIFA 17 grab a copy of our in depth Trading Guide here.

    Weekend League

    Weekend League or FUT champions on FIFA is another great way to earn yourself free FIFA coins from just playing the games. The more matches you win, the better the reward. You can view all the rewards available on FUTWIZ.

    Although coins are not completely free, these are the best methods available for you to quickly earn your coins without buying them. Alternatively, if you do want to get coins even faster and put safely into your account, you can purchase them from us at the links below for your console.

    Playstation 4

    Xbox One

    Playstation 3

    Xbox 360

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