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How To Get FIFA 18 Closed Beta Access

Posted by Natasha Elizabeth on

Photo of the cover of FIFA 18 with Ronaldo.

When Can I Get FIFA 18 Closed Beta Access?

FIFA 18 closed beta access will be available to register for in early August. Specific dates are yet to be confirmed.
We imagine that the FIFA 18 closed beta access will be available for 10 days around mid August. So, if you want to apply then you have to get in there quick!

How Do I get FIFA 18 Closed Beta Access?

If you want to be eligible for FIFA 18 Closed beta access then you're going to at least need a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. Unfortunately, PC users and last generation consoles are not able to take part.

However, if you do own one of these you are in with a chance!
If you want to optimize your chance to be included in the FIFA 18 closed beta access you will need to make sure you have your promotional, news and EA emails enabled.
Don't get emails from EA? No worries, we've got you covered. Just visit HERE and tick the box that says "EA may email me about EA news, products, events and promotions". Granted, sometimes spam emails from companies can be annoying. But if you ask us it's worth it for the FIFA 18 Closed Beta Access.

According to our sources EA choose FIFA players from previous games that are the most engaged. In other words, whoever spends most of their spare time on FIFA 17.
This could also include high ranked players. For example, if you're in Div 1 for a specific game mode you may be well within a chance!
Don't lose hope if you're not in Division 1 or even close as none of this is set in stone! It most likely also includes people who just spend a lot of time playing the previous game!

Region also plays a big part in the FIFA 18 closed beta access. EA have decided to release FIFA 18 closed beta access to players the USA, Canada and the UK.

What's Included?

FIFA 18 closed beta access will give you a lot of opportunities to play some of the most favoured game modes. This includes Pro Clubs, Career Mode and most people's favourite, Ultimate Team.
Unfortunately, The Journey 2 will not be available for the beta. However, you can watch the trailer for The Journey: Hunter Returns down below:


Will you be applying for FIFA 18 closed beta access?

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